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The Christian Job Description

The Christian Job Description It’s awesome how inspiration and clarity can hit you every now and again.  It feels like that first breathe of fresh air after you’ve been holding your breathe for a long time. I think it’s so important to be looking for places to grow and develop ourselves, to fight against that […]

Pray the Psalms

I’ve been reading a book by Eugene Peterson lately called Working the Angels, and something in it caught my attention and I had to share it with you.  He was talking about prayer as being a language that we learn as we respond to God, and that the Psalms are the human response to the […]

The Motions

At one of our young adults evenings, we were talking about how we don’t really fear God like the bible says we should. There were a lot of honest points raised, and one of the most telling in my opinion was when a group said that in church we often go through the motions instead of the emotions.

That’s Awkward

Is the way we respond to awkward and uncomfortable things conditioning us to ignore the chastisements of God?


Yesterday I had a bunch of work to do. Write this email, fill out that report, mail this, make these phone calls. I came in to my office ready to go.  I set up my laptop, shifted my papers on my desk, and picked up the first piece of mail on my desk… …’knock, knock.’ […]

Resolution to Discipline

Did you do any goal setting for 2010?  I did, I made a resolution to get better at the guitar.  Many people make these types of goals around December 31st, as they look back on the previous year and desire a change for themselves in the future.  So many people do this in fact that […]

Down Time

How much free time do you have today? “Not as much as I need,” might be your quip reply. It’s true, when we look at our day and all that we want to accomplish, it can feel like there just isn’t any time left for anything that isn’t essential.  We probably don’t have spare hours […]

First Burst

First week of school. Burst of excitment, energy, determination, and passion.  What happens to this first burst? This week I’m heading up north to plan a couple of conferences with my Epiphaneia friends.  I’m excited to go and hang out with my friends, I’m excited to think about the Kingdom with them, but I certainly don’t […]

Walk in the Spirit

This is a message that was planted by last weeks message ‘Filthy Rags’, and sprouted as a result of an experience I had in downtown St Catharines being open to the Spirit of God.  “6For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value.  The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Gal 5:6b […]

Filthy Rags

There is an all too common belief in the world that being a good person means being a decent person. Holding doors open for old ladies, picking up the cheque for your buddies, buying a round at the pub, saying please and thank you to the barrista at Starbucks.  These are the behaviours that justify […]


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