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I’m always amazed at how quick I am to forget things that are really important to me. I know I’ve reflected on this idea before…but I forget when, so it’s high time for a new one. Christina and I just finished up the last session of a course on marriage this week, creatively titled, “The Marriage […]

Accessible Learning

What if some of the best teachers in the world were fully accessible to the world? I mean fully accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wouldn’t that be something? The answer is yes, yes it would, and it’s the vision behind a new web based school called Academic Earth.  The idea behind […]

Capture or Wonder?

Sometimes I get so hyped up, so excited about life and God that my mind seems to explode with ideas. In these times I feel overwhelmed to be honest.  It feels as though I’m having an important thought every minute or so, and if I’m not quick to capture it, I will lose it forever. […]

Enough Time

Is there enough time in the day? That question is relative, and depends primarily on what I believe needs to be accomplished in a day. The real question is, ‘what do I have the time to do today?’ This puts the onus on me, on my decisions and my priorities. It takes the onus off […]

Why get a website?

I am hoping that it will become more than a home for my writing, actually I’m hoping that it becomes a blank sheet of paper calling me to create.